Fuckbook Leaders

FFS Networks’ flagship online adult dating platform, Free Fuckbook, is free. Free Fuckbook, which was launched in 2008, has grown to be one of the most popular online dating sites in the world. It now boasts millions of users from more than 20 countries who connect with casual sex seekers each day. Free Fuckbook was launched initially in the U.S. but has since grown to be a major player in adult dating, with large user bases in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Our fastest growing communities are located in South Africa, South America and other countries across Europe.

FFS has been a company with a single mission. Our commitment to providing the best online casual dating site has grown stronger as we have faced many challenges. The hookup app and Free Fuckbook’s sexual site were created to make it easy for casual sex seekers to find friends to hook up, no strings attached. We are committed to this pursuit and our core principles as a company.


First User Experience

All that we do is focused on our future and current users. We are passionate about connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing our passion with the community. This site should be available to all adults who are interested in casual dating. The FFB site and mobile apps are based on user feedback. We take this into consideration when making decisions.

Value Diversity

We are proud of our diversity in many ways. Our community includes people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and interests. This makes Free Fuckbook a fun and interesting community. This diversity and the benefits it brings to our team is what we strive for.

Hard work, Humility, and Fun

FFS sets ambitious goals and works hard for them. We strive to be humble despite all our successes. This allows us to learn from our users, team members and the entire adult dating community.