Craigslist Personals Alternatives, The Best Replacement!

We wanted to find the best craigslist replacement for personals in 2019. We compiled a list of personals options, which allows everyone to vote for the best casual encounter site.

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#1) Craigslist Activities – Best Personals Alternative?

Wait, I thought that craigslist had died? You are talking about craigslist!

personals were removed but people continue to post in craigslist activity. This is a screenshot of Atlanta’s Activity Partners section. Click it to zoom in.

Almost all of the posts are intended for casual interactions. There are hundreds of them every day.

This screenshot shows that the only ad is not for sex. It is for a bass player, but who knows? He may just be looking to have sex with a bass player. Every post is for sex.

The best craigslist personals alternative was right there, all the time! It makes sense to advertise for ‘activity partners’ since hooking up and fucking are an ‘activity.

What are some of the benefits of craigslist?

  • Many people
  • It’s easy to share your contact information
  • Works like craigslist personals did

Here are some cons: Activities is still a compromise on craigslist:

  • No nudes
  • There are occasional norms posted there. These people just want study buddies to help with their Spanish homework, not fuck friends. They may be too shy to admit that they are looking for a hookup.
  • Ad titles must be kept PG
  • Some cities aren’t as keen to use the activities section as others.

You can censor your ad title

You have to make sure that the titles and content are not too soiled, just like the other craigslist personals options. There is no more “I will gag on you cock for 30 mins and call you daddy.” type of stuff. We have to share this space with sensitive people. Even though I would love to disturb them with my titillating titles it can sometimes lead to your ad being banned.

These are some good titles that will give you the same result as personals. It’s great to see the creativity of others.

  • Looking for Jack?
  • Looking for a female woodworker
  • Partner for intense workouts is needed
  • For companionship, tatted woman
  • I will be your sex slave
  • Netflix and chill
  • Please give me a helping hand

Are you still giddy with excitement? Craigslist personals are alive and well. Reincarnated and ready to go. It’s going be a great Summer! There are many other great options, and this is only the beginning.

#2) Locanto Personals, which was shut down last year, has opened its arms to craigslist personals refugees.

Its personals are more openly censored that other options, which has made it very popular. Although you’ll see a lot of bare-chested men and booty photos, any more nudity will be removed from the ad.

The upside is that they don’t censor titles so you can express your horniness freely without worrying about your sweet littles being deleted.

Locanto has few downsides., one of the most popular and well-known classified sites, is a great choice. It also has a good personals section. Enjoy looking at this replacement for craigslist personals.LocantoRead My Locanto Review

#3) Fetlife Classifieds

Fetlife is a totally free social network that allows sexy people to post photos of themselves pushing the boundaries of BDSM.

There is also a large personals section, which is what we are interested in. It is mostly full of slaves looking for masters ,riggers who recruit rope-bunnies, as well as predators hunting prey.

Are you still confused? You won’t be confused if you practice a lot. You can also answer an ad to have your kinkiness whipped into shape by a dom.

After creating an account, you can navigate to groups. You can search for a local classified group or browse the general thread on classifieds.

This alternative has one major drawback: the groups section is not well-organized. If you live in a small city, it can be difficult to find someone. I recommend that you create your own personals group if there isn’t one in your area. You can start a group. It’s easy to find casual sex in your local area if you create one.

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Year of Founder:2009

For:BDSM Kink, Casual Encounters

Features:classified Ads, Social Network for BDSMVisit FetlifeRead My Fetlife Review

#4) Use Adult Friend Finder instead of Personals

Is bigger better? It doesn’t hurt to be bigger when it comes down to casual encounters sites. Adult Friend Finder has 116 million members and is the largest site for casual encounters.

You’ll find explicit posts about sex in your area in your feed. The images and titles can be as explicit as you like. You don’t have to worry about your ad being taken down because you posted some pulse-quickening nudes.

AFF is very popular among swingers, nymphs and young slaves who are looking for masters with more experience. You can filter by gender to find what you’re looking for.

My Experience – I’ve met some fascinating people on AFF. It’s become a lot more exciting since craigslist was down. AFF members share one thing in common: they love sex and are all sex addicts.

Year of Founded:1996

Users:116 Million


Features:chat and messaging, video, profiles. forums. Visit the Adult Friend Finder

One girl I met was a dildo-sculptor. She had at least 50 sex toys, one was from Chile and wanted to fuck everything that moved. Another girl shared her DMT and sound healing experiences with me.

Yes, they are all crazy. They’re not crazy, but I don’t blame them.

Do Not Look for Serious Relationships –Don’t use AFF to search for someone stable or steady. Each person I met was a polytype and was seeing many people. They were not interested in traditional dating.

Who is it for?AFF is for everyone looking for sex. You can choose who you want to meet and the gender. M4F, MFM and C4M are all acceptable.

Memberships The memberships aim to balance the gender ratios in the W4M and M4W sections. Members who are not paid can send messages to other members. However, free members cannot message others. This means that most men pay $25 per month for the site, while women can use it for free.

Please click here to visit AFF

#5: DoubleList – A Free Craigslist Personals Replacement

Doublelist is a classified website that’s similar to craigslist but with some unique twists. To view or post ads, you will need to verify your email address and phone number.

Doublelist can bypass the SESTA law which caused craigslist users to be shut down. It can track who posts what and ban anyone who is a sex trafficker from posting again.

Doublelist is the only classified option that seems to be willing to comply with the new law. Their 140-strong staff is responsible for verifying and monitoring ads to ensure compliance with FOSTA SESTA. Phone verified classified ads are also useful because it helps to prevent spamming and fake postings.

Year of Founder: 2018



Features:classified advertisementsVisit DoublelistCheck out my Doublelist Review

Doublelist will verify your phone number and prompt you to complete a survey that will help you find the sex of your dreams.

After verifying your phone, you will need to fill out a short survey and choose your username. You cannotchange the username of your phone without a new one, so this is a good start. Once you have logged in, you can select your city and section. Here are the sections available:

Results for October in Minneapolis M4M

Doublelist is likely to be the future for classified sex ads. However, it’s still very young, having been created in April 2018. It was very empty when I tried it out in August 2018. But it is growing. They had only 21 cities in June, but now there are 67! You can also post ads in the city section for rural areas. You will find ads for Brainerd (a city of 15,000) in the Minneapolis section. It is approximately a two-hour drive from Minneapolis.

#6 Switter

Craigslist personals can be used to find escorts. switter will replace that. It’s run by sex workers and does not charge membership fees or ads.

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You can view ads from escorts in your area as soon as you sign up. Twitter allows you to follow any escorts that interest you. The name “switter” actually comes from the sex-worker Twitter. In the past many escorts used Twitter to post ads and find clients. However, Twitter began banning these accounts while craigslist was being shut down. Switter was the solution.

Even if you don’t want to buy sex, this site is worth checking out. The feed feature allows you to access the thoughts of sex workers and gives you direct access.


Users: 90,000

For:Escorts & Sex Workers

Features Follow your favorite escorts to view ads close to youSwitterCheck out our Switter Review

#7) A free personals site for women

Ashley Madison is an exclusive platform for women who are looking for casualcasual relationships.

It’s like a fancy club. Women can join for free, while men must pay to send messages. This freesite is great for women looking to replace Craigslist.

My Experience (Male –This is the website I use the most. I started with 200 credits (40 dollars) which lasted me three months and allowed me to launch 5 sex-capades.

Holly, a 39-year-old woman, was my best friend. After we had a long conversation, she invited me to her home. It is a beautiful house in a gated neighborhood. We enjoyed her hot tub and drank wine before finally getting on the balcony to enjoy her beautiful landscaping. She found out that her husband was cheating on her, and was determined to revenge him.

Holly was not the only woman I messaged. I had to search through AM for a while to find Holly.

One woman I met was too shy, for example. After talking for two weeks, we decided to meet up. I noticed her nervousness right away when we met at a coffee shop. She was probably having second thoughts about having an affair with her husband. I never heard from her again.

The remaining 3 women were somewhere in between, such as Cathy, a single mother and social worker who said she uses the site because it is free for women.

It’s not a site that is like craigslist for guys. You have to pay. It’s great for both men and women on a budget.

Ashley Madison is available by clicking here

Year of Founder:2003

17 Million Users

For:Mostly straight Men & women

Features:chat and voice chat, messaging profiles, forums, profile creation, and messagingVisit Ashley Madison

#8. R4r Subreddits instead of Craigslist Personals

Many new r4r (Redditor4Redditor) subreddits have emerged to replace casual encounters. It works like this: Each city or state has its r4r. You can search for “LA r4r”, or “Minnesota ” to find yours. This subreddit should be one you already follow if you’re a redditor. You can check it regularly to see if anyone is looking for a fling.

Here is a list of the top r4rs.

  • South California 30.6K subscribers
  • Houston – 3.9k subscribers
  • San Francisco – 7.1K subscribers
  • New York – 9.1K subscribers
  • Chicago – 8.3K subscribers
  • LA- 2.5K subscribers
  • Atlanta – 5K subscribers

These ads are examples of ads that were posted in the SoCal R4R.

Is it a replacement for craigslist? Although it looks promising, it is limited to large cities. This is worth looking into if you are located in SoCal or another major metropolitan area. It can also be used to meet people for non-sexual purposes. Mixed with “Looking to suck a small dick today”, you might see things like “Any pug owner want to meet up to walk?” “.

#9) Best Gay Craigslist Personals Alternative

Gays2Fuck was a site my roommate used a lot. It was one of the first websites I tried after craigslist personals had been removed.

My first date was with a fashion designer student. Before I took him to his bedroom, we watched ‘Love Is All You Need. He then used his toys collection on me, including some really snarky metal stuff like the “njoy purewand”. The best part was that his pet cockatoo, when we cuddled afterwards, would say “fuck me!” every few minutes. It was definitely a great first experience on the site.

Greg was 42 years old and used to repair iphones as a profession. We had coffee and waffles together and discussed his life in the US Forest Service. He had worked for them for 20 years and was having a bit of an identity crisis. He decided to move to Chicago to explore his sexuality.

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He was a master at massages, and invited me to his sauna for one. He offered me a complimentary massage once I was there. However, he had to promise that he would get to seduce my cock afterward. Talk about a win-win situation! It was just a week ago and I’m sure we will be seeing each other again.


4 million users

For: M4M

Features:chat and voice chat, messaging profiles, filters, searches, and messagingVisit Instant Gay Hookups

The only thing I did not like about this site was the fact that you have to pay extra to send more than 10 messages per week. You can send more messages with a free trial, but it is only valid for a few days. This is not the best service, and it’s not as good as craigslist. I give it 4 stars. It’s worth creating a free account to see who else is using it. When you message someone, be sure to get to the point and give them their number to text. This will allow you to meet more people through your 10 messages per week.

You might also consider AFF for M4M. Although the site’s login page usually displays women, there is a large male-to-male section that is always busy. This is the best place to meet men and have sex in your local area.

Grindr is another M4M craigslist alternative, but most people already know of it so I reviewed Instant Gay Hookups instead.

Please click here to visit the website

#10 – Bedpage – No Cost Classifieds

This site was mentioned on reddit, and it also appeared occasionally in Google. It was mentioned in Reddit and it appeared to be biased.

It has a similar appearance to craigslist’s personals and backpage. Although the name suggests it is for sex it actually has all the sections you would find on craigslist.

It wasn’t a good idea for hooking up. Many people just want you to join their snapchat or to go to another dating site. I tried to message at least 20 people, but got no responses.

Doublelist is a better choice if you’re looking for a free alternative to sex classifieds. It has more users and a larger team.



For: M4M

Features:free ClassifiedsVisit BedpageCheck out our Bedpage Review

Craigslist is not the only site similar to it.

All the sites listed here have a free option, but some have a paid membership. This page lists completely free hookup options.

Some sites were either forced to close down, or they shut down months after Fosta passed. I appreciate your comments and suggestions for sites. This list will continue to grow.

  • OKCupid
  • FreeAdsTime
  • FinderMaster
  • ClassifiedsFactor
  • Hoobly
  • City News
  • (escorts)
  • Tinder
  • Lucky App
  • Casual X

You might enjoy backpage as much or more than craigslist people. If so, you might want to check out switter or slixa. These are new classifieds for escorts.

Lucky App and CasualX are two new apps that aim to replace Craigslist. Casual X was a quick test, but I had to pay before I could send anyone. I also wasn’t sure if the people were real.

Grindr can also be used to find gay casual sex. Grindr isn’t a new alternative to craigslist, but it’s still a great app for starting conversations online with people.

I also added some mainstream dating apps to the list. These apps can help you find anything, from casual sex and long-term relationships. Although it can be more difficult to use it for casual stuff, people still use personals for dating and relationships.

Craigslist: What happened to Craigslist personals?

FOSTA and SESTA now require that people sign up for sex sites. This usually involves creating an account, verifying your email address and phone number. Membership sites are the best alternative to craigslist, except for the fact that the bills may be declared unconstitutional. There are two membership options available on new sites like craigslist: a free membership or a premium one.

My Craigslist experience: When I first found personals in 2012, I realized that I could easily summon sex online. My inbox was a constant battle. I had to turn on password filters to get some relief. Although I have tried to reduce it in recent years, it is still quite shocking.

We can only hope that the sesta ruling will be withdrawn and that sites such as craigslist personals or backpage will resume their normal operations. You may miss CL as much as BP, so be sure to visit our guide to backpage options .

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this list or have suggestions for other craigslist alternatives.

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